Thursday, August 2, 2012

Soap dish

Hey guys happy Thursday almost Friday… Almost the weekend. So what happens when you take two clear plates, paint the back of them a beautiful Tiffany blue, and glue them together with a Dollartree candlestick in the middle.?? You get a beautiful new tiered soap/perfume dish. Mine is sitting in between my double sinks in the bathroom. I placed seashells ,starfish ,and sand dollars on the bottom !!then on top I displayed mine and my husband's perfume and cologne along with some sweet scented hand soap that I made called soul shine. This was a pretty easy project. I bought two clear plates from the Dollartree, I painted them with leftover paint from other things I painted for my bathroom. And then I glued them altogether with a Dollartree candlestick . I used gorilla glue because it is the only thing that holds glass together well enough to stay!! Tomorrow hopefully I can show you a few more of the projects I did. So go try this quick easy project :) and happy weekend.