Sunday, February 26, 2012

St Pattys day Printables

Hello friends. Out of  sheer HAPPINESS that I just got a new printer  I am working on some RoCkin Printables for you.. I have been working on them for 2 days now. I know you will love them. In the meantime,here are a few printables that I fellin love with..
Ok,I am OBSESSED with Tip Junkie
She really has a fun and helpful blog.So go visit her blog and print out this fun bag topper while your there
also,here is am AH MAZING package of printables at How Does She It has water bottle labels,straw flags,cupcake toppers,and scrappy papers.

next is.....
Party Decor by  Anna and Blue Paperie

Dont forgrt to wear green or get Pinched. =)

Thursday, February 23, 2012



Da dum....da dum...da dum da dum da dum da BADABA!!!!
No need to run away=). It's not that kinda Shark.
This Shark is my new bestie.I am super excited ,My hubby just bought me a NEW Vaccume cleaner. I havent had one that worked properly in years. It took an hour just to clean one room.Not Anymore(Woo Hoo)
The BEST part is it can go straight from my carpets to my hard wood and tile without having to do anything.
Ready to see it??
                     Shark Navigator

I checked out the reviews and thought no way it's that great BUT (and I dont say this often)  I WAS WRONG! It is really great. The pet attachment really saved my couch and loveseat. My sweet Roxy is adorable but a bit messy.She just got back from the beauty shop. Isant she a cutie pie?

Ok,one more happy note, My sweet luv also bought me a new printer. its the

KODAK ESP C315 All-in-One Printer

I LUH-UV it because I print uh-lot but my old printer cost 70$ a pop for ink,this one cost less than $25 for color and BW together. This is good news. Also,I can print from the Cloud ,my phone,an sd card
,or what evea computer because its wireless,YAY!! I'm so spoiled. SOOOO to share in my happiness look for free printables coming soon.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I heart you breakfast

Sadly (frowny face), I had the flu on Valentines day this year so I didn't get to make my sweet family an "I heart you" breakfast. Well I decided that because I love them everyday( more and more everyday), and not just on Holidays ,that I could make them a special breakfast today (happy face). I made heart shaped eggs in a basket and heart jelly sammies. I cut hearts out of plain bread and put it on the griddle to toast a bit before dropping in the egg.
Add Eggs and cook on low
 I keep it on a low temp so the egg doesn't burn. After a few min you can flip them if you like yours more well done. meanwhile I made the lil' jelly sammies out of the heart cut outs. So sweet and so easy!! What a good way to start the day :).


Oh Dear, I published this from my trusty smart phone and just realized that my photo is upside down. =)
You will see a lot of mistakes through out my blog,just chalk it up to my quirky charm.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Better late than never.. Word for the year.

I should have done this in Jan like everyone else bu,t in true RockStar fashion, I'm a bit late. Still, I'm here so let's party.. Although I am too late to actually  join the linky party, This is something I wanted to do anyway. I posted the link button below incase you want to go check out all the other bloggers words(you know,the ones who did it in Jan like you were suppose to )  Layla and Kevin over at The Lettered Cottage  are hosting this party. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading their blog I suggest you stop by. You can just tell by the way she writes that she is a lil' sweetie.Together they are very inspiring, I love their blog.
My word for this year (2012) is...(insert drumroll here)

I have a big problem finishing what I start. (big mistake,big,huge,I've gotta go shopping now) Sorry I watched Pretty Woman last night=). ok,focus...You see where I'm coming from? I am a creative,pretty smart,and fun loving soul,my BIGGEST fault. I cannot finish anything that isant' and instant gratification situation. I start with good intentions and well...I get distracted or sometimes I just loose confidence. Funny,I am a pretty confident person all in all. WELL I am done with my evil twin the procastinator. I vow to make it to the finish line of all ,(well at least most), of my projects and adventures this year. and I promise to do it with Rock n Roll style.
Rock on... 

The Lettered Cottage

Animal Print Cuppy Cakes

Born to be WILD..and SASSY!
I adore miss Melissa over at MyCakeSchool.and it's no wonder,she has the coolest RoCkIn' ideas that are easy peasy lemon squeezy=)  How Rock n Roll are these lil' cuppy cakes?? I am shocked at how dang professional they look,It's the look of fondant with buttercream icing. Check Check Check Check,CHECK IT OUT!
 All you need for this is crusting buttercream icing ,a piping bag,and VIVA brand (or any smooth)paper  towels.Cake Central also has a GREAT  crusting buttercream icing and more on the VIVA paper towel method.

Zebra Cake

Oh Yes, I'm feeling     WILD   today. So, let's party baby.
These ZEBRA cakes are so versatile,they can be sweet for a baby shower or Sexy for a bachelorette party. The icing can be changed to a hot bright color like PINK or TURQUOISE to make it bright. OK, ready??Let's get rockin'!
How Beautiful!! Go Check out the tut from Melissa at MyCakeSchool  .She has a lot of wonderful tips.
Now that you know the basic technique why not try cuppy cakes.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Very Kool

How Awesome is this?? You can create one too. It's super easy...Just go HERE  and play away..
Also,the same kool people offer another koo site where you can turn any photo into a stencil.. So very useful....
It lets you choose how much white you want to show..

Choose White Point

Choose the thumbnail you think will look best for your stencil, the color image is for reference. You can also add some text :-)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birds Nest Wreaths

This is just a quickie and self explanatory so I don't feel too bad that I forgot to take tutorial pics. Dang it tho... Anyway...My aunt was tossing out some old country looking grapevine wreaths with outdated silk flowers and ribbon with fruit. Yes, they were hideous, which is surprising because she is a stylish woman , so I wonder why she even had these, haha... Oh well, I took off all the "decorations" until I had naked wreaths. Then I spray painted them, two white and one black.meanwhile while they were drying I pulled out my trusty bestie.. Yea Mr. Cricut. I cut out some birds on twigs, a lovely chandelier and a Giant letter P( our last name is Pike). After the wreaths dried I hung them with Ribbon and colorful giant tacks. (spray painted tacks :) ). Then I placed the vinyl infide to my liking and added a few hot glued rhinestones for some bling. I made sure only to let glue touch the vinyl with a low temp glue gun so I didn't harm my walls. Ta Da.. Junky to jazzy in under a day.

St Patty's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day

How kool is this St. Patty's Day subway art?? Want it?? Well it's your LuCkY day...
Our Friends at Blooming Homestead has this and other FREE printables available for us all .

                                          I'm loving this pretty bunting from Over The Big Moon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mason Jars RULE

Mason Jar   Mania

I have been collecting jars for over a year now. I love them so much, I cannot throw a jar out.I have tried but my heart wont let me.I even save jars from pasta sauce,mayo,and pickles.(my husband thinks jars are taking over) . So,I have decided to post about some of the inspirations I have for saving these so cool super versatile pieces of AWESOMENESS!
 I love this idea of  using moulding and hose clamps to make a unique and beautiful organizing display. Lovee this for the bathroom to hold Qtips or cottonballs. OOOhhh or over an old antique desk for pens,stamps,scissors,and so. If you use a daisy lid you could thread yarn or ribbon thru the openings for easy access without tangles. You can find the great Daisy lids here.
The Daisy lids are my OBSESSION.

And how about this bright star. My husband and I WILL make this simple  elegant pendant lamp inspired by

Mason Jars are GREAT for parties.. Just add your own theme and even missmatched jars unite. Check it out.. Click the pics to see the original tuts. 

or try a mason jar meal like these from Big Red Kitchen

or maybe get Fashionable Bombed by making your own
Bubble Gum infused Vodka.

and did you know  that most mason jars fit standard blenders for yourown personal blending needs. Great for Green Smothies or Protien shakes.
Plath's Adventures shares that the lid from a disposable parmesan cheese container fits a regular (not wide-mouth) canning jar perfectly.
Sigh, I do have more ideas but I'm gonna save those for a future project ;)