Thursday, February 23, 2012



Da dum....da dum...da dum da dum da dum da BADABA!!!!
No need to run away=). It's not that kinda Shark.
This Shark is my new bestie.I am super excited ,My hubby just bought me a NEW Vaccume cleaner. I havent had one that worked properly in years. It took an hour just to clean one room.Not Anymore(Woo Hoo)
The BEST part is it can go straight from my carpets to my hard wood and tile without having to do anything.
Ready to see it??
                     Shark Navigator

I checked out the reviews and thought no way it's that great BUT (and I dont say this often)  I WAS WRONG! It is really great. The pet attachment really saved my couch and loveseat. My sweet Roxy is adorable but a bit messy.She just got back from the beauty shop. Isant she a cutie pie?

Ok,one more happy note, My sweet luv also bought me a new printer. its the

KODAK ESP C315 All-in-One Printer

I LUH-UV it because I print uh-lot but my old printer cost 70$ a pop for ink,this one cost less than $25 for color and BW together. This is good news. Also,I can print from the Cloud ,my phone,an sd card
,or what evea computer because its wireless,YAY!! I'm so spoiled. SOOOO to share in my happiness look for free printables coming soon.

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