Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birds Nest Wreaths

This is just a quickie and self explanatory so I don't feel too bad that I forgot to take tutorial pics. Dang it tho... Anyway...My aunt was tossing out some old country looking grapevine wreaths with outdated silk flowers and ribbon with fruit. Yes, they were hideous, which is surprising because she is a stylish woman , so I wonder why she even had these, haha... Oh well, I took off all the "decorations" until I had naked wreaths. Then I spray painted them, two white and one black.meanwhile while they were drying I pulled out my trusty bestie.. Yea Mr. Cricut. I cut out some birds on twigs, a lovely chandelier and a Giant letter P( our last name is Pike). After the wreaths dried I hung them with Ribbon and colorful giant tacks. (spray painted tacks :) ). Then I placed the vinyl infide to my liking and added a few hot glued rhinestones for some bling. I made sure only to let glue touch the vinyl with a low temp glue gun so I didn't harm my walls. Ta Da.. Junky to jazzy in under a day.

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