Sunday, February 12, 2012

Knock Off / Rock Off decor

Anthropologie love

Ok, So if you know anything about Anthropologie you know how BEAUTIFUL their things are and not so cheap either. So whats an Anthro lovin girl to do? Welllll,just like in all love relationships,we compromise.We buy a few things from our true love and make the things we cant afford,right?RIGHT! When we wear them or pair them together it gives us the complete look.
I have found some Awwww-Sum Anthro look alikes or just inspirations,I guess you’d say.Starting with this beautiful look that can be as large or small as you wish,no shooting star necessary.
Anthropologie inspired
Beautiful….. These swatch portraits by Purl Bee are EASY peasey lemon squeezy,and not to expensive.I always find so many of these craft hoops at yard sales and thrift stores for next to nothing. The best part is you can use any holiday fabric and make them your holiday decor. if you use mostly reds you coould change out only a few to work for Valentines day,the fourth of July,and Christmas too.Please post any pics you take when you make these,you know how I love to see through your eyes.

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