Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mason Jars RULE

Mason Jar   Mania

I have been collecting jars for over a year now. I love them so much, I cannot throw a jar out.I have tried but my heart wont let me.I even save jars from pasta sauce,mayo,and pickles.(my husband thinks jars are taking over) . So,I have decided to post about some of the inspirations I have for saving these so cool super versatile pieces of AWESOMENESS!
 I love this idea of  using moulding and hose clamps to make a unique and beautiful organizing display. Lovee this for the bathroom to hold Qtips or cottonballs. OOOhhh or over an old antique desk for pens,stamps,scissors,and so. If you use a daisy lid you could thread yarn or ribbon thru the openings for easy access without tangles. You can find the great Daisy lids here.
The Daisy lids are my OBSESSION.

And how about this bright star. My husband and I WILL make this simple  elegant pendant lamp inspired by

Mason Jars are GREAT for parties.. Just add your own theme and even missmatched jars unite. Check it out.. Click the pics to see the original tuts. 

or try a mason jar meal like these from Big Red Kitchen

or maybe get Fashionable Bombed by making your own
Bubble Gum infused Vodka.

and did you know  that most mason jars fit standard blenders for yourown personal blending needs. Great for Green Smothies or Protien shakes.
Plath's Adventures shares that the lid from a disposable parmesan cheese container fits a regular (not wide-mouth) canning jar perfectly.
Sigh, I do have more ideas but I'm gonna save those for a future project ;) 

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  1. LOVE mason jars!!!! I want to do something with them in the kids bathroom!!! So nice to "meet you" too!