Monday, February 20, 2012

I heart you breakfast

Sadly (frowny face), I had the flu on Valentines day this year so I didn't get to make my sweet family an "I heart you" breakfast. Well I decided that because I love them everyday( more and more everyday), and not just on Holidays ,that I could make them a special breakfast today (happy face). I made heart shaped eggs in a basket and heart jelly sammies. I cut hearts out of plain bread and put it on the griddle to toast a bit before dropping in the egg.
Add Eggs and cook on low
 I keep it on a low temp so the egg doesn't burn. After a few min you can flip them if you like yours more well done. meanwhile I made the lil' jelly sammies out of the heart cut outs. So sweet and so easy!! What a good way to start the day :).


Oh Dear, I published this from my trusty smart phone and just realized that my photo is upside down. =)
You will see a lot of mistakes through out my blog,just chalk it up to my quirky charm.


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