Monday, June 18, 2012

Etsy, TuTu's ,and More!

Hey Ya'll. Hope everyone had a great Weekend!
I sure did but it was a super busy weekend as well. We are MOVING to Huntsville Alabama very soon so a house huntin we went. It's not as fun as I hoped. I think its the time crunch that makes it soo STRESSFULLLLLLLL! I have faith that we will push thru.
I have started making TuTu's along with all the other Fun things I make. I dont have any girls just boys so I have decided to sell them to help relieve some financial stress. I thought about a tent sale, maybe trade day, and now I'm thinking Etsy. I know there are a lot of tutu's on there already BUT still... My creative mind works diffrent than some peoples so hopefully I will have some ORIGINALS.
Here are the ones I've made so far...

What do you think so far?
Any advice ???
These pics are not great they are Iphone pics but its all I could do this min.
Hope you have a great ROCKIN DAY!!

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