Sunday, June 3, 2012

mi vida loca

Hi my lovelies. I finally passed my real estate exam in May and have signed on with Keller Williams in Huntsville,al. Now I just have to come up with the cash I need to pay all the fees.Its not gonna be easy but it WILL happen. I made up a batch of my special soaps and body sprays and in an effort to help,my sweet boys are taking them around the neighborhood to sell. Such sweet boys.They started off the first day of summer with a splash,getting their sweet faces on the front page of our local paper.(proud mommy right here). I have been super busy lately. My husband(my hero) is working 2 jobs to help me raise the cash for my fees. (WE WILL SUCCEED! :))   So I havent been blogging as much but I miss it so Im gonna try to be on here more. Back to the subject of my rockstar hubby,one of the jobs he took required hime to make a GREAT sacrafice but he did it and in the end... it turned out well. Words caoont explain it so I'll show you a picture story...



I am so lucky. Look at those sweet boys.I will keep you all informed. Have a great Sunday.

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