Sunday, June 17, 2012

it takes a REAL man to be a DAD! Fathers Day Fun

It's getting close. The day for all us Daddy's girls to show just how blessed we are. I admit,I am super blessed. I have wonderful Parents,whom I LOVE with all my heart. I try to show my Perents EVERYDAYthat I love them ,but on their special days,I try harder. My Husband and I are going thru some changes so finances are slim so I have found some inexpensive gifts of love for dear ol' Dad! Also,a few that my boys can make for their WONDERFUL dad.

Monnogram Necktie ...Martha

Sew Dad a Necktie... The Purl Bee
                                    or just make him a YUMMY dinner. =)

             Be sure to tell your Dad how much you love him TODAY and everyday

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