Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hey Y'all.
I am finally back after a week or so. My laptop cord was broken and my desktop  kept freezing. Talk about annoying..ay yi yi!!  I just took the opportunity to study my but off for my real estate exam.I missed you guys and its great to be back to the blog=)
Yesterday (April 18th) was my birthday and the day before was my Rockstar hubby's birthday. We celebrated by eating our fav foods and going on job interviews.Well actually he went on the interviews, I just tagged along for luck. please pray that we get good news from one special place he interviewed. We are really hoping he gets this job =)  I'm off to check out Pinterest for a bit. Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest.

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  1. Happy belated birthday and welcome back ^_^ I grabbed one of your buttons, would would like to check out my blog and do a swap? I would really appreciate it. Thank you Angie ^_^