Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Sweet Southern Summer Coconut Tea Recipe

I warn you, This is the BEST TEA you will ever drink.!!
I have never shared this simple recipe before but I get a lot of request to bring this to summer parties.
I came across this recipe from a true Southern Belle. I was born here in the south but this beautiful Lady had the southern drawl thick as bbq sauce, and she made men blush with her unknowing confidence. I am talking Blanche Deveraux(from Golden Girls) in the flesh.

How about a quote=)

                     BLANCHE DEVEREAUX 
               ------------  It was at that moment I realized that my                                                       bosoms had the power to make music!---------------

Now...For the recipe.I like to make mine in quart sized jars because I drink them right from the jar. If you want to make a GALLON at a time just Multiply this recipe by 4
1 quarts size tea bag (I prefer Lipton)
1/3 to 1 C of Sugar
1/2 tsp baking soda(trust me,this cuts out that bitterness tea can get)
 Now add 1tsp of McCormick Imitation Coconut Flavoring.
Fill Jar with ingredients above,
add water till its  3/4 full--- saving room for ice--- and shake (if you have the lid on )or stir. 
Now YOU have to make a tough choice ...
You can either go all TRUE SOUTHERN SUMMER and sit your jar out in the sun for an hour or so OR if you cant stand the wait (like I usually cannot) Then pop it it your Microwave for 2 min.MAKE SURE THERE ARENT ANY STAPLES IN YOUR TEA BAGS IF YOU USE THE MICROWAVE AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE.....DONT POP IT IN THERE WITH THE METAL LID ON!!
Now add ice, sit on the front porch,and enjoy .

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