Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A lil spice in your life( easy spice rack)

Hey guys! Things are really coming together and then you house. It seems like it's taking for ever for me to get unpacked. Well honestly, it's not the unpacking it's the painting and fixing of all the things that I want to do before I actually bring them from the garage to the house. I'm gonna go ahead and start sharing with you a couple of the projects I've done. I have been so super busy that I didn't really take a lot of before pictures, but that's okay, it's easy simple projects that I can explain pretty well so t if you decide to do it in your home, then you know, it's pretty easy to figure out. Ok so... this first thing I did was so easy. I went to Lowes and bought a 2 x 4 and had them cut it to 19 inches three times. I went ahead and bought the already white 2 x 4 just to save myself a step from painting the price wasn't much different. I think I paid like five dollars for the 2 x 4. I also bought a small piece of molding Trim that was cut the exact same length as the 2×4 . Okay and finally the last thing I picked up while I was there was little L brackets. They came Four to a Pack, and I was doing three shelves, so I got two packs!!Now to hold my spices, I'm using mason jars! On the bottom shelf I'm using the larger mason jars. And on the top two shelves I'm using a tiny jelly jars. So needless to say I did put an extra L bracket on the bottom shelf, just because I knew it would be a little heavier than the top two shelves. Okay so here's the quick project. You already have your pieces cut, you come home to paint your trim whatever color you want. I chose a crackle white and eggplant purple. Let that dry as long as you can stand it. I admit mine was still a bit tacky but it's okay everyone knows I'm impatient. Use wood glue to attach the trim to the 2x4's and let that dry. Have your wonderfully handsome husband (or someone handy or you can do it yourself if you want ) attach the L brackets and hang it in your desired location. Fill your mason jars with wonderful spices and herbs. And now you will look forward to making dinner just so you can use all your selection of spices and herbs. Oh yeah, just one last thing to help out with labeling.I was going to make really cute tags for every jar but then I thought what is going to happen after I decide to change a spice. So I went ahead and painted the top of my mason jars with chalkboard paint and I just used chalk to write the names os spices on there. The normal pieces of chalk are hard to work with. A bit too thick to get it written on there like I wanted it, so I went and bought the chalk markers (staples has them) and they are on sale right now because of back to school. Yay! So clean out that clutter by displaying it in your kitchen. These spices and herbs are too beautiful to be stowed away. So go to Lowe's, have them do the work, paint it pretty and hang it up. Enjoy y'all ! Rock on!! Angie

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