Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy and Dad!

On Sat we celebrated or Dad's Birthdays. Mine and Joels dad's both have March Birthdays only about a week apart so we decided to have a Double Dad Party. The theme wasnt a theme at all, more of a life Lesson-Enjoy the simple things-so we had all the simple joys they loved in their childhood.
What We Ate
We grilled Hamburgers and Hotdogs,Coleslaw,Chips and Dip (my special dip recipe) Sugar free chocolate cake with very few rainbow sprinkles. (joels dad is diabetic but still,everyone deserves a cake on their birthday).Cherry Pies(6 of them are also sugar free),Moon pies,four types of old fashioned candy(gumballs,wax soda bottles,pixie stix,and peppermint),cracker jacks, root beer,cream soda, coke with cherries near for cherry cokes,and butter pecan ice cream. YUMMY!!!!
How I Decorated
I chose simple colors,Red,White,and Aqua ! I laid out a simple red stripe peice of fabric as a cloth. It's frayed at the ends and I loved that about it.I put the candy in candy store style jars I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I printed ot a few simple(i say simple but my computer was giving me heck that day,sheesh!) food labels and a small Birthday pennent banner.I bought a few buckets at the Dollar Tree for Drinks,chips and moon pies.I also made a super special dip bowl.We (Me and Cameron,my youngest son) made the bowl out of a vinyl LP(See my Tutorial here) of hits from 1960,thats my Dads birth year.
We gave it to him after the party,He loved it!! I also baked the Cherry pies in lil mason jars and in a way,that was kinda part of the decoration. They looked great on the tablescape.
Happy Birthday,Thanks for teaching me to appreciate the simple things in life.

This Party was a big Thumbs up!!

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