Friday, March 16, 2012

Leprechaun trap

Leprechaun Trap
This is the not Lucky left for us.
This is our first year to do anything with the boys for St Paddys Day officially . I'm sure you have seen these Leprechaun traps all over the blogosphere and ours isan't much different, we just made it our own . Because I am ALWAYS running behind(this blog should be called "Runninglate Cottage" , our paint and glitter was still a bit wet during assembly . Still we persevered !! We just used cardstock to make the hat shape, we used a scrap piece of Cricut vinyl for the hat band and an index card, cut and glittered, for the buckle. Then we made a ladder out if pipe cleaners to help him climb to the "trick" top of the hat. This is where he will fall thru and be trapped until we get our three wishes I was explaining this to the boys in the car today and my eight year old smarty pants says " Um mom, leprechauns don't exist . The are MYTHICAL creatures as in Not Real!! " I tried to argue and his response was a hand in the air , a sad look in his eye(he didn't want to disappoint me ) and the words " just google it " !! Haha Later I have him convinced that just maybe they could exist as we just finished the trap. Now he asked" Hey mom, are we leaving this on the table? " Yes of course, why ?? ....... " Well if the Leprechaun needs a ladder to climb into the hat how can he get on the table?"". Are you kidding me??? Lol he is too smart but still I stacked boxes on the ground to help him reach the table . We Also hung a coloring sheet we made if a rainbow above the hat/trap for extra fun. I have made up some treats that Lucky the leprechaun will leave behind. It's just rainbow twizzlers and rolos in a snack bag. I printed off a note to leave as well. I'm sure Lucky will get into some trouble while he visits as well. Turning the milk green, leaving footprints behind, painting the boys up while they sleep . I will post an update tomorrow on the aftermath and the pics of the treats. If I do it now I will be totally busted as my youngest keeps peeking out of his room. He jus informed me that I need to go to bed too or we will never catch a Leprechaun. I love bring a rockin Mommy. Good night for now !! More in the Am !!

Its March 17th 2012
Happy St Patricks Day
The boys ate all the treats before I even heard them up so I didnt get any better photos. =(
Still we had fun with it and next year I will be more prepared (haha why do I kid myself)
They loved the green in their hair they saw in the mirror this morning even more than the candy.Also,Lucky left a few footprints on the table as well.We had Lucky Charms and leprechaun milk(made from lucky clovers...wink wink) for breakfast. I hope you all have a LuCkY day and DONT GET PINCHED!
Mom we need Lucky Charms as Bait
Rainbow coloring sheet
Here lil Leprechaun
Toys,mess and treats under cards
Leprechaun Milk
Treats=Rainbow Twizzlers and Rolos


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